Castle on the Park

They call it a castle on the park but actually ait was a church. Today’s home is a Gothic Revival building overlooking Dolores Park in San Francisco. It started off as a church back in 1909 and is now renovated into a three-bedroom home with plenty of stained glass and open spaces including the main hall on the ground floor.

The home includes a new kitchen, a luxury master bath with a marble Roman tub, a master changing room, mahogany cabinets in the living room set against massive expanses of exposed brick. The church tower has 360 degree views from arched stained mahogany windows and roof-top deck and features a custom steel and transparent plexiglass spiral staircase. It’s gorgeous space although it seems like a bit of a decorating challenge and will need of plenty of furniture to turn it into a warmer personal home. This home is listed at around $7 million.

The renovated church includes the original sanctuary with hand-painted ceilings, original stained glass windows and four fireplaces. The old church tower now serves as a “meditation room,” offering 360 degrees views of San Francisco.

The most dramatic feature may be the main hall on the ground floor, which is big enough to fit a thriving congregation. The listing suggests it can be used as “exhibition space, a recording studio, gym and/or home office.”


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