Kensal Green church

This loft in a Kensal Green church is not part of a church, it’s the whole church.  There are 5 bedrooms. This beauty features large floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding a huge open space, a large fireplace, a gorgeous courtyard garden, a balcony overlooking the main space, and best of all, great light!


Also, it’s not only filled with really interesting, eclectic furniture, but it also retains many original church features (stained-glass windows, peaked windows, choir balcony) as well as some quirky additions.


This home retains the church’s original stained glass windows and full-height ceilings, but brand new parquet floors with under floor heating was installed. The kitchen has New York and Corian Concrete work surfaces.

Tha builders had installed bespoke storage, Lutron lighting, Air-conditioning, electronic Velux windows and even a gym.

A balcony overlooks the main space, which includes a living and dining area as well as a kitchen.


This church is now for sale for a whopping 10 million British pounds (that’s 14,8 US dollars)

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