Modern industrial residence with cats

HAO Design Studio designed this apartment in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan for a couple, their three beloved cats, and all of their collectibles. They swapped out the bright marble floors for a more subdued concrete, which instantly set the tone for the modern/industrial space. A residence with cats – is this the new internet favorite? 🙂

residence with cats

The loft is called ‘recall house’ in Taiwan; the client intentionally requested for the dwelling to instill a vintage ambience. Balancing an industrial and rustic aesthetic, this is highlighted in the open plan arrangement consisting of the living, dining and kitchen, all three spaces have been unified and simultaneously, scaffolding-influenced and wooden features have been chosen for the shelves and dining table.


The residents have three pet cats whom they have requested the designers to specially create an individual nook next to the dining space as well as miniature arched doors for them to freely roam about. The unique character has been further enhanced by the materials used, shown in the careful combination of exposed brick, timber and metal, allowing the home to feel industrial but not cold. From the punctuated iron panel to the the vintage and collective pieces adorned around the house, the project achieves the harmony between comfort and contemporary.

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