The Scandinavian UFO

I’ve found this extraordinary home while looking for inspiration – well, here it is! Designed as if it were a love-child of a Finnish sauna, a Volvo and a UFO, this house is designed by the French company, Domespace.

Domespace International designs and builds dome-shaped, eco-friendly homes. According to the company, the dome shape is designed to be more in harmony with nature, takes advantage of solar radiation, and is less susceptible to seismic and cyclonic forces than traditional, angular designs. On some models, the exterior of the home actually rotates, following the sun in winter to take advantage of its warming rays, and the shade in summer for cooling.

This house is in New Paltz, USA, some 90 miles from New York.

The house can also be rotated as the foundation is set on steel ball bearings on a circular rail. Rotations can be set between one to four inches every second to ensure during cold months more sun comes in and less during summers. (unfortunately, it cannot fly, however)

Did I mention it’s for sale? Take a look at it on Estately.


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