SoMa Loft

Architect Cass Calder Smith, of CCS Architecture, is best known for his modernist creations. Interior designer Vaughn Woodson, of Woodson & Woodson Interior Design, is not linked to a particular style, but has work that is more traditional in nature. What happens when the two work on a South of Market condominium in San Francisco? An electric combination of aesthetics.

The concrete building was originally built in 1926 as a warehouse for the B.F. Goodrich tire company. Although the building was turned into condos in 1996, it retains metal factory-style windows, exposed ductwork, and concrete walls and pillars.


The homeowners relocated from a larger, more traditional home. Smith chose to celebrate the existing style but reorganize the spaces around a central core. The effect is a doughnut shape where most of the living and entertaining space is in the ring, while the hole, or core, contains office spaces, workout areas, bathrooms, and closets. “We chose to put the rooms that don’t require as much light in the center,” says Smith. “The rooms where people gather, like the kitchen and dining room, are built around that.”


The dining room is framed by two large metal support beams. Calder wouldn’t have it any other way. “I like how they define the space,” he says.


The homeowner says that, in her former residence, she had a set of Chippendale chairs around a dining room table. The chairs didn’t work here, so she and Woodson purchased a set of Chippendale-style chairs and had them lacquered, giving the traditional style a fun update.


Smith chose to do the kitchen cabinets and countertops in a muted shade in order to have the area blend into the open-space plan. “Because it’s so visible, I didn’t want it to stand out as a separate room,” he says.


The media room is outfitted with four swiveling chairs. They can remain stationary for conversation, or turned toward the television or the living room.

The master bedroom shows how two styles can live in harmony. The baroque bed is flanked by two metal nightstands and sits in front of sleek cabinetry.


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