A Labor Of Love In Poland

An apartment in Poland, interiors designed and fabricated by the husband/wife design team of BioLINIA,  Becky Nix & Olek Zemplinski, is a labor of love indeed. The 3 year project included a move to Poland, a budget of $60,000, transforming 1,023 square feet from mere walls into a modern custom home.  Not only is it a love of space but also a love of place.  Located in Wilanow, a southern district of Warsaw, Poland and adjacent to the Wilanów Palace.  The new 5-story apartment building is in the heart of one of Warsaw’s newest and largest developing areas.

Efficient use of space and functionality are key for BioLINIA.  Using a marriage of  textures such as pre-finished plywood,  precast concrete parking blocks, concrete ceiling, steel cabinets, tile work while leaving space open and versatile.

The kitchen, the focal point of the apartment draws the eye to the perforated plywood ceiling that converges into upper vertical cabinets of the same material. Computer generated and CNC milled this elaborate organic latticework is inspired by radiating tree branches which are backlit as ambient lighting.  Bookshelves located below the kitchen’s island counter are moveable on casters exposing bar-style sitting area at the island .  The bookshelves also function as an office desk or sideboard.  Multifunctional modular furniture pieces were designed as a set of three to compliment the space.

The main living area houses a cube which contains hidden sliding doors, cabinets and a fold down bed.  Not unlike the Murphy bed though this one creates its own room by pulling out a panel.

A private master bedroom and bath is concealed from the main live-work space by a full-height sliding pocket door. The bedroom and bath area are separated by a perforated concrete masonry wall produced from geometrically- shaped parking blocks allowing light and ventilation to penetrate the bathing area. Radiant heating through a raised floor slab and adds substantial thermal comfort.  Custom concrete counter tops were constructed on site.  This takes DIY to a new level, only if you dare.  The end result being, something well though out and to be proud of.

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