Colorful Paris Loft

Vivid colours, bold text, vibrant graphics – this Colorful Paris Loft at Rue des Filles du Calvaire delivers a daring visual punch. Huge windows signal the space’s origins as a water mill, but in its latest incarnation it’s part home, part art installation: daring canvases in confident colour propel the property into the future. Antique shelves full of books and journals section off a cosy sitting area and a study space. And in the corner of the open-plan room, wine glasses as light bulbs illuminate the chrome kitchen.


Abstract vision

The owners, a painter and a financier, share a keen eye for detail. This loft is one of several in the French capital the Parisian duo have renovated and re-designed. When they aren’t here enjoying the vibrant area, they escape to their country house just outside Paris.


Art and ambience

Rue des Filles du Calvaire is in the heart of the Marais, Paris’ historic Jewish quarter. Cultural and cosmopolitan, the 3rd arrondissement is a maze of cobbled streets alive with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, galleries and museums. And the atmosphere has infused this arty home – eccentric colours and ultramodern décor mean you could easily mistake the living space for an avante garde boutique. If you find time to sleep, there’s a well-equipped bathroom and welcoming bedroom in this Colorful Paris Loft.


A great old library serves as a partition between the office and second living room that also serves as guest bedroom since the sofa is convertible.

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