Bohemian New York Loft

A great room is the focal point of this bohemian New York Loft. Expertly arranged bookshelves, plants and rugs divide the room up into distinct areas. In the sitting area, you’ll find low-slung sofas with patterned prints and large artworks on the walls. On the left side, the master bedroom is also big and bold, with a king-size bed, oversized photographs and a wood-panelled ensuite.

Bohemian New York Loft

Back across the living space, you’ll find the kitchen, which has transparent navy-blue cabinets. Behind the curved wall to the left of the dining area is a bathroom and pair of bedrooms, decorated with peppy colours. Down the hall you’ll find a bedroom with lofted bed, a double bedroom and another bathroom.


All rooms show off bohemian character, the master bedroom is big and bold, with oversized photographs; you’ll find the kitchen, which has transparent navy-blue cabinets. Using simple color combinations made each space work as magic that created a spacious feel. The design of this Bohemian New York Loft is very eclectic and a lot of attention was taken for every detail when designing, to expose all details at every corner.


It was in the 1960s that artists began flocking to a neighborhood south of Houston Street, drawn by the abandoned manufacturing lofts with high ceilings, abundant natural light and most importantly, cheap rent. As the bohemian set refashioned these wrecks into live-and-work spaces, they dramatically transformed the neighborhood too.


Today’s Soho is just as irresistible to creative types – albeit the polar opposite of the starving artist variety. The neighborhood’s historic cast-iron buildings now hold some of the most jaw-dropping price tags in the country, and it shows in the company they keep.

Design stalwarts Prada and Chanel rub elegant shoulders with a few choice art galleries, a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant and an Apple store.

A casual Saturday brunch at Balthazar typically includes a side of runway model or two. A stroll down the cobblestone streets may come with a celebrity encounter, complete with paparazzi in hot pursuit.

Yet there are still pockets of Soho that retain that old edge, and there’s always something to discover at every turn: a corner pub that has been serving up tipples since 1847, a tiny bakery that churns out pastries with cult followings or a club filled with beautiful people that’s concealed underneath a taqueria.

If you fancy, you can rent this loft here

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