Revitalized 1990’s loft

A stunning revitalization of a 1990’s loft… The client wanted to keep the open space, but somehow define different parts of his home.

Loft for a Celebrity

This Miami Loft by Toronto’s Prototype Design Lab was designed for a celebrity client. This residence has incredible spanning views of the local beach front on two sides and has a bespoke quality to its interior design.

Avant-garde in Tribeca

This residence & gallery is a celebration of clients’ inspired lifestyle, expressed through the design. Overall, it is an expression of the unity between art and architecture.

73rd Street Penthouse

The 73rd Street Penthouse is a project by Turett Collaborative Architects. This triplex penthouse in NYC Upper East Side is an innovative and high standards project.

Live-Work Loft

This urban loft for a single man occupies the entire top floor of a 1920’s concrete frame structure in San Francisco’s Soma neighborhood. The space, essentially a “toolbox” for the owner’s urban lifestyle, uniquely adapts commercial and technical materials and components to residential functions.

Yaletown loft

Designed by Kelly Reynolds for a bachelor client, this 1921 warehouse located in Vancouver’s Yaletown district was converted to condo lofts in 1996. Renovated in 2009, Reynolds worked with the client and brought back that original warehouse feel but with some big city polish to it.

Sue Hosteler’s loft

A TV host’s gorgeous mid-century modern meets traditional loft designed by Valerie Pasquiou.

Cool house of the day

ÄŒERNÍN (CZ) – Nine years of joint discussions, reflection and designing have gone into HÅ H architekti’s Villa Hermína – a supremely individual solution tailored to a specific client.Villa Hermína has had a long genesis. It began back in 1…

Bold Night Club-Themed Condo in an Old YMCA

When it comes to architectural and/or interior design, the client is always right. So when the resident requests that their home look like a Shanghai night club, who are the designers to object to this decision? Radical remodels are, after all, ‘the new black’ when it comes to adaptive reuse in architecture.