Avant-garde in Tribeca

From its inception the architecture was determined to be avant-garde; artistically minimal.  Vast expanses of wall space were needed for the oversized art pieces that the client had selected from their collection to be displayed. The lighting was an integral part of the overall “Zen-esque” concept. The architect needed to create harmony between artificial soft, life light, while still highlighting art pieces and featured architectural details, and maximizing the incredible natural light in the space. The use of multi level floating platforms and soffit work was also an important factor in delineating room functions without closing the space off with any walls. The client insisted on the maximum amount of storage to be incorporated, even in the most unobvious places, so each crafted millwork piece has hidden storage compartments.

This residence & gallery is a celebration of clients’ inspired lifestyle, expressed through the design. Overall, it is an expression of the unity between art and architecture.


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