“A” House Loft in Denmark

The “A” House Loft is bold, beautiful, and daring modern design through and through.
This striking black and white interior design retains just the right amount of that industrial charm. Rough cement contrasts the smooth charcoal floors, thick beams interject open spaces, pendant lights hang from thick conspicuous wires, and function shines through the smallest details.

This massive building has undergone quite a transformation since its industrial origin in the 1960s. Holgaard Architects did a fantastic job breathing new life in to the striking apartments contained within – our favorite color, of course, is a prominent feature.

Notice how the sparsely lit rooms are bathed with glossy surfaces. Nothing is so reflective that it catches glare from artificial lighting, but the largest surfaces have just enough shine to brighten the space in a snap.

Some rooms are more “finished” in appearance than others are but, even the most thoroughly sleek modern interiors take cues from this building’s past with architecturally influenced furnishings.



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