Converted stable in Rome

This one-of-a-kind apartment in Trastevere was converted from what remained of an old stable. In fact, Trastevere had a number of stables still in use until the early 1900s. These spaces were very large compared to the average homes in the area, and were generally covered with large trusses. The maximum interior height of this apartment is about 10 m. The main design-related challenge was how to fulfill the clients’ request concerning the master bedroom: they wanted a private room completely closed off to the voices of those using the large open space of the old stable on the ground floor, which would serve as the living room in the new home.

The-Trastevere-Loft-01 The-Trastevere-Loft-18 The-Trastevere-Loft-17 The-Trastevere-Loft-16 The-Trastevere-Loft-14The-Trastevere-Loft-12 The-Trastevere-Loft-11 The-Trastevere-Loft-10 The-Trastevere-Loft-07The-Trastevere-Loft-04 The-Trastevere-Loft-03 The-Trastevere-Loft-02

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