Pump Station Conversion

Kaltene fish-farm pump station was built in the 1980s on an artificial island in the sea 300 metres off shore. The conversion project completely preserves the landscape and architectural image of the island and the building as a monument of Soviet industrial heritage – a landmark of its place and time.

The vacation home was registered as Easter Island. The facade of the building is covered with rusty Cortensteel plates. All windows and doors have perforated sliding shatters. The perforations are in the form of Moai – the stone giants on Easter Island, downscaled 1:250. The layout of the building consists of three parts: the central full-height hall, a two story apartment for parents and 4 apartments for children. The style of the interior is determined by the industrial origins of the building, as can be seen in the open remaining constructions and the rough, untreated surfaces. The contrast is achieved with consistent and abundant use of wood – a style borrowed from the architecture of yachts and ships.

The new bathhouse- Nautilus– is located on the inner island beach. It resembles the turret of a submarine and is clad with riveted stainless-steel plates.

Design: Zaigas Gailes Birojs


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