Black and White Apartment by Geometrix

Nowadays the general tendency is that of creating simple concepts, but very well thought in order to fit into future trends. No matter the way designers choose to plan simple or luxurious constructions, what Geometrix does, fits into the pattern of modernity, even futurism.Their general perspective is to revive a black and white world in the most modern trends possible.

The general black and white atmosphere is completed by grey shades, without being boring. In a wide- open environment, every little thing is simple and modern at the same time. No matter it is a living room, a bedroom or an office space, everything is very modern, even futuristic. The presence of glass ensures transparency, while the modern furniture pieces are in harmony with the environment.

The whiteness of the environment is in perfect contrast with the black spots, providing an elegant air that is intriguing in its perfection. This futuristic ambient with all sorts of modern devices, with elegant curtains that give personality to the rooms, with modern lamps of different shapes, with modern furniture of the highest quality ensures comfort and self-confidence. Such spaces are for a well-defined category of people, those who can afford what seems to be the definition of luxury. Designed by Geometrix, they are the best proof that dreams come true; the smart examples in the pictures stand for the concept of ideal place.

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