Central Park Stunner

Stefan Boublil designed this amazing New York apartment design, perched on the 61st floor on a metropolitan tower overlooking Central Park. The priceless view outside is surpassed only by what you see inside this sprawling home, which is three smaller apartments combined.

Built-in and custom furniture really give this home a luxury, custom-tailored feel. The massive wraparound sofa frames the living room, where a walnut library and entertainment center evoke the glorious 1980s – the era when the building was constructed. Perhaps this accounts for the home’s authentic feel. Brimming with cool loft design ideas, this apartment is colored by unusual furniture, off-the-wall accessories and vibrant pops of color against the minimalist interiors to draw the eye and invite further exploration. Floor-to-ceiling windows encircle the main living area, providing for endless vistas and conversation. The kitchen and dining area are wrapped in waxed concrete, so they enjoy a totally different, “theatrical” look and feel from the rest of this chic, modernist home.







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