Crosby Street Loft by DHD Architects

The Crosby street loft building is located on a cobblestone block in the Soho Cast Iron Historic District. Built in 1882, it was formerly a department store, and converted in 2001 to a 10-unit loft condominium. The renovation of a second floor loft retains and celebrates many of the original details, including generous, open spaces, 14 foot plus ceiling heights, Corinthian-style columns, and a continuous 120 foot exposed brick wall with integrated archways. The magically eclectic design was a collaborative process, integrating elements discovered on the client’s world travels. Design features include a 12 foot tall glass lounge, two fireplaces, a smart home system, a stone, cold-rolled steel and custom walnut cabinet kitchen and living room, and a luxurious master suite reminiscent of a 5-star hotel.

Crosby Street Loft

The renovation of this two-bedroom, 4,500 square-foot second-floor loft included the preservation of original details like 14-foot-plus ceiling heights and Corinthian-style columns as well as the sprawling open spaces that make lofts so lovely.


Unexpected modern features are many: A 12-foot-tall glass-enclosed lounge borders the living and dining area.

Crosby-Street-Loft-25Crosby-Street-Loft-8 Crosby-Street-Loft-7 Crosby-Street-Loft-6  Crosby-Street-Loft-4  Crosby-Street-Loft-2 Crosby-Street-Loft-1Crosby-Street-Loft-24 Crosby-Street-Loft-23 Crosby-Street-Loft-22 Crosby-Street-Loft-21 Crosby-Street-Loft-20 Crosby-Street-Loft-19 Crosby-Street-Loft-18 Crosby-Street-Loft-17 Crosby-Street-Loft-16 Crosby-Street-Loft-15 Crosby-Street-Loft-14 Crosby-Street-Loft-13 Crosby-Street-Loft-12 Crosby-Street-Loft-11 Crosby-Street-Loft-10 Crosby-Street-Loft-9

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