How to Change the Look of your Interiors with Brick

In your home interiors, the ability to take one material and make it look a hundred different ways is the appeal of home design. Brick is a material that can be made to look natural, but we know it’s actually a man made product. From its notable red color to the palest of yellows, brick can have many faces for every home. Brick can warm your home in the winter, and keep it cool in the summer. From a modern urban loft to a historic Victorian home, look at how brick can change the look of your interiors.
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Leave it natural and untouched: Out of all of the construction materials to build with, brick is one of the few that can be left untouched and still remain beautiful after generations of wear and tear. Exterior brick walls are loved in neighborhoods where tradition and maturity have been preserved over the years. The natural appeal of brick is timeless, and most home buyers will pay more for a brick home, and see it as an investment.

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Brick in different forms: Brick can come in a variety of aesthetic features for different design options in your home. Boulder sized rocks that are handmade or formed by mechanical mean can be referred to as brick. In fireplaces, interior walls, and lanai/porch areas, brick beautifies them effortlessly. For a custom look, visit a local artisan or mason to see how they lay brick in different styles. Brick comes in a variety of rough textures to resemble natural forms, and can be laid in random or patterned formats.

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Disguise the color, keep the texture: While natural brick is beautiful on its own, so is the texture. In renovations or interior design makeovers, brick that is damaged or has unsightly stains can be painted to revive the look of the walls.  Paint is inexpensive and it can transform the interior of a space without little effort. Since brick has natural symmetry in its patterns and texture, painting over it can be a viable option for a customized interior to match any color scheme.

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Use brick as a back drop: For a clean and sophisticated look, use brick as a backdrop for wall art, paintings, and sculptures. Tie a gypsum board finished wall together with an adjacent brick wall with crown molding to meld the finishes together. Brick can be used as an accent wall or it can be paired with other exposed materials to give a room a rustic yet contemporary feel.  The more brick joints are exposed, the more rustic and loose the aesthetic will feel. Depending on how formal you are, there is a brick layout and texture to suit your style.

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Brick interiors can brighten up a room, or even transform the modern into a historically rich space with the use of this versatile material. Brick is also used in flooring, decorative half walls, and entryways to make grand entrances into a home. If you are feeling creative and/or nostalgic, visit a salvage yard where brick from demolished buildings can be sold and repurposed into your home. This is a great way to be eco-friendly and it can bring history into your home that may be hard to achieve with brand new brick. Discover all the ways your home can benefit from the beauty of brick.

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