Radio Factory Loft

When a building such as a factory, an office or even odd spaces such as a church or a light tower are no longer used they get abandoned. There’s not much you can do with them, given their specific designs. However, ambitious architects and designers manage to revive these spaces and turn them into commercial spaces or cozy homes. This apartment, for example, is inside a former radio factory.

The loft apartment is located in Vilnius, Lithuania in a former radio factory that has been abandoned for several years. The space was transformed and repurposed. It was an ambitious project by Dmitriy Kudin. Given the original structure of the building, the space dictated an open plan. While transforming the factory, its original structures were also exposed. Most of the main elements were preserved as a testimony of the past but the smaller details and everything else had to be reorganized and redesigned.

The loft has a contemporary design. The remains of the factory also give it an industrial touch. The rooms have high ceilings and there’s a sense of openness everywhere you look. The living areas are large, open spaces. The furniture is minimalist and the décor is simple and casual. What’s surprising is that the apartment feels cozy despite the fact that it’s inside an old, abandoned factory. It’s amazing what a few changes can accomplish.

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