Remade in England – Queen Elizabeth Street Loft

Remade in England

Two decades ago, Queen Elizabeth Street Loft was down and out, a warehouse all but withered. But the owners had other ideas. From the dizzying brick walls to every nut-brown timber beam, this marvellous apartment is not as good as new, but better. Paired sofas and a professional pool table impress beneath the sitting room’s pitched ceiling, while a steel-clad kitchen and a coolly upcycled coffee table are honed and hewed.


Whether you skip to the mezzanine master bedroom, or scan the skies from the loungey balcony, here you can be sure yours is a story that ends happily.

Design for life

The owners are no strangers to restoring old buildings – they do it for a living. For all Queen Elizabeth Street Loft’s dereliction, they fell in love with its structure, and the rest is history.


Stroll across the tan wooden floor for a look at the woven lampshades and off-centre artwork, or spend untold hours in the charming twin armchairs. Stout timber beams span the ceiling, but there’s no lumber to be found in the coal-hued kitchen, with its blowtorch detailing and sleek worktops.

Linger at the pool table, or discover the melange of wood and brick that is the master bedroom. But before you slip deep into the modern four-poster, make time for a nightcap on the scenic balcony.

If you want, you can rent this loft too.

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