Beethoven Hall

High atop a nondescript historic building in NYC’s East Village lies Beethoven Hall, a former concert hall transformed into an extravagant floor-through loft apartment by photographer Gregory Colbert.

Raw Gramercy Loft

This loft has a distinctive country feeling, but still remains modern and a bit eclectic. Built from reclaimed materials, it features raw stone walls and bare wood in every corner of the space.

Minimalist Greenwich Village Loft

Two Chipotle executives have bought and remodeled this minimalist Greenwich Village loft – similarly to the minimalist but warm tones of their restaurants.

Industrial loft made warm and bright

When you start with a cold, concrete rectangle filled with odd spaces, you need to add elements of color and texture to soften and warm the space.

Colorful Eclectic Loft

This 3200 square-foot apartment packed with of color and eclecticism are perfect for an urban dweller. The owner, businessman Jaime Lacase decided to transform the completely compartmentalized space into an enormous apartment with a very personal decor.

John Curran’s Tribeca loft

The previous home of John Curran and Kristen Frederickson, longtime Tribecans is a perfect statement about the area’s reinhabitation. The 80-foot-deep three-bedroom loft apartment was designed by New York’s Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects, with Joel Barkley taking the lead. It manages to celebrate the guts of the old neighborhood without any denial that there is much to enjoy about the new.

Revolving house in Italy

You might have seen rotating houses before, but this one predates them by decades. Built by Italian engineer Angelo Invernizzi, the house has an upper section that rests on a circular track and follows the sun. The 1,500 tons’ building is powered by two motors with a total of three horsepower.

The Brinson Loft

Atlanta-based photographer Rob Brinson has had this loft studio in the King Plow Art Center, a former plow factory from the 1800s, for 23 years now. Today it’s the full-time studio space he always dreamed of when he first became a photographer. He and his wife, Jill Sharp Brinson, stylist, designer and creative director for Ballard Designs, lived there full-time for six years but now use the living spaces as a getaway and a crash-pad for friends and relatives.

Trailer park

What do you do, when you have a large, empty apartment and you want to fill it with something unique? You get something that’s been used for filling for a long time – like a tank from an oil truck. Unusual? At least. Cool? Sure it is!

Loft in the YMCA

Lofts are usually colored with neutral tones, keeping stonework or concrete bare, or are whitewashed all around (like they need to look larger than they already are…) This one, however is different.