Colorful Eclectic Loft

This spectacular home in Madrid, Spain, is filled with plenty of natural light and open spaces free to roam around and enjoy all its peculiar treasures. This 3200 square-foot apartment packed with of color and eclecticism is perfect for an urban dweller. The owner, businessman Jaime Lacase decided to transform the completely compartmentalized space into an enormous apartment with a very personal decor.The delicacy of the original moldings brought to a new life, contrast the free spirit of the accessories and artwork. The hodgepodge of styles is rather unexpected but exquisitely put together creating an interesting living experience.

In the foreground, Swedish chair reupholstered and recovered by the owner, with pad, Gaston y Daniela, and table, Jimmy’s Scooter, with books on art and sculptures of Batavia.

Reading Corner

Swedish sofa reupholstered and recovered by the owner, with cushion smooth, Anthropologie, and stripes, Gaston and Daniela. Bureau of Batavia, and lamp, Jimmy’s Scooter. In the work area, Tulip chair, console and scrap blocks of Niks Project, and crown, Barbarenia.

The owner

One of the most stylish men of Madrid. Jaime Lacasa has taken his passion for decorating their iconic menswear boutiques, Scooter and Jimmy’s Scooter (Callejon de Jorge Juan 14 and Villalar 11) the most chic of Madrid. There reign vintage furniture and objects can also be purchased. The photo shows several pieces in the hall of his house that opens to the kitchen and workspace.


The delicacy of the original moldings, recovered with care, in contrast to the scrap pieces pressed and painted iron.

Rest area

A cozy corner with chaise-longue, LA Studio, and pad, Antennae. Behind, a spectacular wood and iron console of Anmoder. Along with the items purchased on different trips, sculptures, chandeliers and wooden plate of Batavia.

Dual Grid

Through the glass enclosure will appreciate the large bottom shelf, made to measure. On the sofa, upholstered in linen and cotton, to the left of the image, and Suzani Filocolore cushion in shades of yellow, Becara. Next, tamarind wood table, of Batavia; lamp, Barbarenia.

Meeting Point

In the kitchen, table, Barbarenia, with a striking set of chairs: the colors are of 50, Karl Jacobs, the fabric bag is Jimmy’s Scooter and the iron is recovered by the owner. On the wall board, console and meters, Jimmy’s Scooter, and vase, LA Studio.

Industrial atmosphere

Industrial atmosphere is the main hallmark of this bright kitchen, open space and connected to almost every room in the house.


In the bathroom, old marble combined with Japanese paper, of Gaston and Daniela.Trash of Cucamona, and towels, Antennae. On the bed, blanket, Texture, blanket, Indietro and smooth pads, C & C, and stripes, Becara. Chest parchment, LA Studio, carpet, Carpet Reloaded, chair and console, Jimmy’s Scooter, and lamps of Barbarenia.

Separating spaces

The wall hides the dressing area and visually reinforces the sense of vertical height of the roof.

The reform

Jaime decided to transform a house completely compartmentalized in a spacious apartment, open, connected and stays very personal décor.


The decor is attention to details, and any hidden corner of the house beautiful and elegant surprises.

High ceilings

The high ceilings were key when Jaime was decided to buy the house:

The first thing I liked about it was the height of the ceilings, very important, 4 feet and beak, in that if I pay a lot, is what gives me a greater sense of luxury and space.

Radical change

The reform is the work of the decorator Geli Perez Gomez, who faced a radical change in the house.

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