Trailer park

What do you do, when you have a large, empty apartment and you want to fill it with something unique? You get something that’s been used for filling for a long time – like a tank from an oil truck. Unusual? At least. Cool? Sure it is!

The owner, Josh Morton got the idea from a magazine article featuring a loft, where the bedroom had been placed inside a shipping container in the middle of the space. Liked what he saw, he called the architects of that space, NY-based LOT/EK. The founders of LOT/EK, Ada Tolla, and Giuseppe Lignano, are noted for their use of heavy-duty salvage in their interiors. Their motivation, they say, is not simply a commitment to recycling. “It is about ideas of containment,” Tolla explains. It’s also about the iconic status of industrial containers. Logos are left intact, and visible signs of wear and tear are cherished for their authenticity and street cred.

For Morton’s 1,000-square-foot apartment, the tank of an oil truck has been sliced in half. One part is suspended horizontally across the apartment to form the bed pods, and the other stands on end to form two bathrooms stacked one on top of the other. Morton couldn’t be happier with this spaceship-style configuration, even though the “rooms” are a tad confining. He can’t stand up straight in one part of the upstairs bathroom without hitting his head on a concrete beam. This, he says, is a minor inconvenience offset by amusing features, like a peephole concealed inside a medicine cabinet, which allows him to see what’s going on in the kitchen.

The doors on both sides of the pod open hydraulically with a press of a button. This flashy, DeLorean-like maneuver is accompanied by a grinding noise like that of an old freight elevator.

The apartment is an art installation,” Morton says. The architects had the final say on almost every detail, including the paint colors, which they refer to as “safety yellow” for the inside of the bedrooms and “fake water blue” for the floor.

Safety was probably not the main concern, but the doors open hydraulically

Bathrooms are inside this part of the tank

And the Bathroom from inside

Industrial kitchen

Morton's friends either love or hate the pods

via the New York Times

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