The Eclectic Factory

The Eclectic Factory

Judith and Robert live together, work side-by-side and think big together. While walking by the river Oise nine years ago, they came across an abandoned factory.

ik14 660x373 The Eclectic FactoryIt was a modernist gem still filled with laboratories, test tubes, files and furniture, as if the workers had got up one day and walked out. They had to save it from oblivion. But how? After years living in one tiny room and learning things they never knew about themselves and each other, they have turned this mass of steel, concrete and glass into a big, bright home full of endless possibilities and bold primary colours. From the building itself to the tiniest utensil, vase or toy car, this couple celebrates the beauty of everyday objects. It has taken seven years of hard work for Judith and Robert to tame the unruly space, but they’ve finally made it into a home. Says Judith,

ik10 660x373 The Eclectic Factory

We were looking for an original house that we could turn into whatever we wanted. It became exactly what we hoped for and more. It has been a bit rough but I’m glad we did it because we love our home. It’s bright, upbeat and light.

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