Airy White Industrial Loft

The airy white interior of the RPG Loft is a perfect reminder that warmth plays a critical role in a comfortable home – although industrial simplicity is what makes this space unique, the welcoming atmosphere just would not be the same without those delightful repetitions of warm wood, rough brick, and smooth stone.

By keeping the brick structure and the original sandstone tiles in some places, the owners felt they have kept that feel. As a counterweight they created a long, white wall of closets.The library shows the passion for photography of the owner. The use of stone in the bathroom, reaffirms the affinity with natural materials.

Major features like furniture, cabinetry, and even track lighting are arranged in a pleasant linear fashion that draws the eye without forcing it to settle. Carefully chosen points of contrast such as the unique geometric coffee table and vivid red couch grouping add functional visual interest – a subtle but important anchoring features considering the powerful flow of the other modern design elements.

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