Noho Loft

This 4,000 square foot classic loft space tries to maintain the openness, utilitarian and industrial language of its raw brick, wood, and steel elements exposed.

The architects divided the various environments using free volumes instead of the conventional divisions floor to ceiling, thus creating an intriguing geography of materials, heights, light and shadow.

The wooden structural beams are lost through the free volumes. All woodwork is mahogany manufactured in Argentina and exported to NY in parts for easy assembly on site.

In the master bedroom is used again open space giving the industry its own bathroom and shower volumetric identity. The shower itself is circumscribed by a stone wall of 2.30 m in height and the perimeter wall of brick. The kitchen cabinets are designed in black steel and translucent plexiglass. The eco-friendly Loft Fireplaces alcohol use with and without ventilation.


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