Budapest Top Spot

As the lease on my current flat is nearing it’s end, I’ve started looking for a new home. In the process, I’ve found this gem of an apartment in Budapest, Hungary.

During the real estate boom of the early 2000’s, many of central Budapest’s old palaces had been given back their old glory. Many of them had been converted to high-grade offices, some to mixed commercial-residential buildings. One of these is Palazzo Dorottya.

Palazzo Dorottya was used until recently as bank with offices and some residences on its upper most levels. The 18th Century building shell was in a condition which encouraged retention, and this skin was rehabilitated and returned to its former glory, while inserting at its centre an entirely modern building. The courtyard of the palazzo is there fore entirely of its time, while its shell, retains the former historic qualities of the original.

This apartment on the uppermost level features soaring ceilings, and modern, minimalistic furniture. The part I love the most is the modern countertop and the clever way the architect made the structural beams an integral part of the interior…

The place is for rent, so if you have EUR 2900 a month, take a look here.

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