Loft on Rue de Rivoli

Isabelle Stanislas and Leiko Oshima lead an architecture & interior design studio with a strong identity. Looking at their projects, there is a mutual language of elegance, contemporary living, revival, grandness and black & white contrasts. This signature design is successfully apparent in the transformation of an XVIIIth century Louvre facing building, on Rue de Rivoli from an office space, into a glamorous art loving residence.

With a ceiling height of 4.45m, right from the start, this project overwhelms its viewer. The whole interiors were modified to create large open spaces while at the same time retaining the great sensitivity of the building’s history. All the mouldings, wood flooring and detailing have been preserved which aids in the preservation of unique elegance and poise within. One of the most spectacular details is the existing mirrors throughout the residence which have been restored to represent one of the most dominant features. In the living room, the gold plated life size mirrors at opposite ends of the space bring about an overly opulent feeling reminiscent of the Versailles where the skirting, dado rails wood panelling and ceiling motives make you appreciate the old times.

These surrounding details have been applied with the starkness of white to elevate and create a light feel while the inset furniture and soft furnishings within the perimeter primarily consist of dominant black. There is a sense of aristocratic living in combination with a sexy through for example the artistic pieces all around you. Art is a major part of the space, the pieces of furniture were chosen by artistic convictions; a Rick Owens chair, a leather marquetterie gaming table (a unique Deuce piece), a Galerie Fortin armchair and Pierre Chareau wall lighting. In other words, an apartment designed for a true art collector.

Moving away from the main living area the ratio of the residence mildly shifts from aristocracy to more contemporary modern living. The kitchen is the center of the home: an area of life with an art ad family gathering. Now moving towards the master bathroom all aristocracy is once again restored. At this point one would expect us to analyze the master bedroom, but when it comes to this overwhelming en-suite glamour we have to be true to our selves and say that for us this IS our master HEAVEN. White polished marble throughout, the exposed shower, black sliding floor to ceiling partitions and inset day bed, I think there is absolutely no need for us to go on except to say that this is our modern Cleopatra bathroom, but in modernization terms, milk is substituted for Veuve Clicquot champagne.

SO-AN have a signature design style, which is very fortunate because along with everything else, it possesses the demanded sexiness, poise and the much-wanted felling of elitism.


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