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Now this is seriously cool and environmentally friendly at the same time: Debbie Glassberg of Kansas City knew if she could make a home her family would feel comfortable living in, she could do it for others. That’s the idea behind a home made primarily out of five metal shipping containers at 60th and Charlotte Streets in Kansas City, called Home Contained.

When asked about how it will fit the area, Ms. Glassberg said

We’re leaving the containers as they are. We feel when we cover the trim around the edges, it’s just going to look like a modern house

Panels were removed to make the doors, and lots of windows give the narrow space an open look. The construction uses the latest in green materials and technology: with the help of BNIM Architects, the house is using geothermal heat, soy foam insulation and bamboo flooring.

The container house is in the middle of a traditional block filled with bungalow homes.

(Neighbors are) always out watching. Sometimes we can’t get any work done because they want to talk about it. But all in all, we’ve had good reactions,

Glassberg said.

The house was built in about five months. It’s more than 2,000 square feet in area, has two bedrooms and a large office in back.

We love it. It’s great space for living, great for entertaining,

Glassberg said.

Debbie is a former toy accessory designer who hopes to make container houses the government could use for natural disaster victims, colleges could use for dorm space, and neighbors could use to expand existing homes.

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