Church conversion in Chicago

This 5,500-square-foot old church in Chicago, Illinois was turned into a home for a family with three young children. The architects did merge modern with original stained glass, along with other existing elements beautifully.

Gleaming White Church Conversion

When interior designer Gianna Camilotti saw this converted church in Chingford, it was love at first sight. It has gleaming white space in which she created a spacious home and office.

God’s Loft

Regular readers know I have a thing for church conversions – and today I have another one, in the Netherlands: God’s Loft

Radio Factory Loft

When a building such as a factory, an office or even odd spaces such as a church or a light tower are no longer used they get abandoned. There’s not much you can do with them, given their specific designs. However, ambitious architects and designers manage to revive these spaces and turn them into commercial spaces or cozy homes. This apartment, for example, is inside a former radio factory.

Chapel Loft in Bazel

It’s Sunday, so time for another church conversion (my favourites, large windows, space, what else you need?) This chapel situated in the quaint Flemish village of Bazel (not the Swiss one) has been reconverted into 2 loft-type houses. The building was built in the second half of the 19th century by Countess Villain XIIII next to the castle of Wissekerke as a place where the children of the village are be educated.

Home in a Barn

The barn, now a contemporary home, is located in Surrey, England. Its conversion was a project by Stedman Blower Architects and it such a blast that it even appeared on the famous TV show “Grand Designs”.

Goin’ to the chapel…

This sturdy early 1900’s building has been transformed with a contemporary warehouse vibe but the chapel shell remains as does the simple utilitarian feel. It was plain and functional in the praise of the Lord when it was a church and now it is minimal and functional in the service of the owners.

Abbey Lofts

Talk about divine design. This 2,700-square-foot penthouse sits inside the bell tower of a historic Toronto church, a 100-year-old Medieval Revival masterpiece that was converted into the Abbey Lofts in 2008.

Castle on the Park

They call it a castle on the park but actually ait was a church. Today’s home is a Gothic Revival building overlooking Dolores Park in San Francisco. It started off as a church back in 1909 and is now renovated into a three-bedroom home with plenty of stained glass and open spaces including the main hall on the ground floor.

A loft in an old church in Sydney

A loft in an old church in SydneyIt’s divine!This church located in the suburbs of Sydney was built in 1898. In 2003 it is a radical change that took place for the building since it was sold and converted into a loft consists of four bedrooms and…