Warm Minimalist Loft Interior

Located in the heart of the fashion district, this former  manufacturing space provided workshop/apd with numerous opportunities to reinterpret materials and their respective forms. Contemporary materials typically thought of as cold and uninviting were transformed through various fabrication processes into sumptuous and unexpected textures and forms. Steel shelving and panels, finished with a dark patina that resembled old worn leather, join with ethereal satin glass walls to define space, provide storage and filter light.

In many cases, materials normally associated with exterior surfaces were reimagined in interior applications. Split face stone, concrete flooring, teak decking, and stucco walls all bring a tremendous amount of texture and warmth to an otherwise very minimal space. Each space was meticulously detailed to have its own defined style, while still relating to the overall design sensibility of the loft. The result is a fluid and flexible home that feels both open yet cozy.

The furnishings are so perfect: they have clean lines and an almost retro-feel, but they also have great, soft upholstery choices that are a variety of neutral colors. In fact we really love the sophisticated layers of neutral colors that show up in the palette: you see creamy beige and warm creams and light whites all mingling together, but then you see some darker natural wood tones for contrast. I basically just want to read a lot of books or nap or snuggle dogs all over this entire apartment.


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