Marseille Mill

In the words of Antoine Lavoisier,

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything changes .

This is the maxim Mitri Hourani has endorsed, both in his work and in this interior. Hanging lamps, tapestries galore, unmistakable marks of the owner of the house are omnipresent. The stylist, prototype designer and set designer of Lebanese origin, has opted to transform this former mill in the heart of Marseille as a true temple of recycling. Old objects, re-invented to give them a second life, is the goal set by himself since the beginning of his career and he has practiced it in his home that doubles as a workshop. Thus, the beauty and character of the old mill have been kept, but kitsch objects provide a touch of modern and vintage. The entrance is a large bay window , and therefore the only source of natural light. The designer offset the lack of light by a large number of lamps and fixtures of his own. In the salon, located in the heart of the old mill, a composition of suspended shades bring color in the room.

A Persian rug dresses the ground with warm oriental notes while a Parisian grid, usually used to protect trees has been reproduced in resin and gilded in gold hang on the wall. The rough stone of the walls and ceilings have been preserved to keep the authenticity of the mill. The interior combines original and quirky character house, antiques and Boboboom Mixplus creations. A place in his own image, in which it is realized and recognized.

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