White Loft in Italy

Built in Piacenza, Italy, designer Romolo Stanco has created this magnificent 120 sq meter modern loft. The loft occupies two levels, 42 square meters each – not huge at all, but look at how spacious it seems! The space is wrapped in astonishing white from roof to floor creating such a spacious ambience.

The second floor bedroom is a box suspended over the larger main floor and reachable only by a set of stairs that seem to hover along the wall like a child’s zig-zag drawing. The white walls, ceiling and floors give you the sensation of relaxing in a wash of light.

It is only separated from the living room by a glass that has the same function of theatrical wings. The essential, low bed is opposed to the expressive bathtub (“La vasca” by Matteo Thun)

Each piece of furniture in this modern house becomes a crucial design element in the cocoon of white. The bold red sofa, pink retro refrigerator and other pieces are like bold splashes of pure pigment on a white canvas. We love the slender, leggy, chocolate brown bathroom sink. The Verner Panton dining room chairs are strong enough to hold their own in white because their iconic shape is such a powerful statement they don’t need any color.

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