The Wrigley Lofts

Originally a gum factory, The Wrigley Building dates back to the early 1900s. Freight elevators complement the industrial motif, and if you’re lucky, a few units have a freight elevator that enters right into the loft! Naturally, the ceilings are superbly high, and property taxes and maintenance fees are incredibly low.

The Wrigley Building is located in the burgeoning area of Leslieville, a part of the city you’ll see develop more and more as it attracts a greater number of loft-owners, who typically keep pulse with contemporary style.

This historic building was originally a Wrigley’s warehouse before undergoing a true loft conversion. It was built in 1907 and converted into 79 hard loft units in 1998. It’s in the heart of the Film District, and ideally located close to The Beaches, Downtown and an easy walk to The Danforth, the Queen Street streetcar, Shops and Restaurants.

The units are true open concept loft live/work spaces with 13.5′ ceilings, exposed brick and wood beams, concrete floors, large fluted columns and floor to ceiling warehouse windows. Many have metal Spiral Stairs to raised mezzanine master bedrooms. Maintenance fees are low due to limited amenities. Many owners have done considerable renovations and upgrades to their suites. This building is considered great value for a loft conversion.

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