Houseboat conversions are getting more frequent around here, but a completely new build is quite rare: Thesayboat houseboat is owned and designed by Marek Ridky of the Czech Republic. A fashionable exterior features rounded edges and smooth teak sides and deck outlined with shiny metal hardware and a classy splash of red on the underside. Generously sized rooms and modern details throughout, this is not your typical nautical experience.

thesayboat 12 660x436 Thesayboat

The living space is on the main floor with a fireplace, many windows that let in lots of light, and fully functioning – and fully-sized – kitchen. Beautiful hard wood floors stream throughout. A metal staircase with glass banister contribute to the roomy feeling as well. Upstairs, the bedroom offers spectacular views with the all around windows and delightful upper deck with jacuzzi. The most surprising corner of this houseboat is the bathroom, unusually spacious for a houseboat, especially with the provided luxurious fixtures.

Designed as a house for two or a place for a weekend getaway, the boat floats on a steel pontoon and has all of the comforts any home would ever need.

thesayboat 01 660x995 Thesayboat

The open metal staircase and upstairs glass bannister give the space a loft-like feeling

thesayboat 03 660x436 Thesayboat thesayboat 04 660x436 Thesayboat thesayboat 18 660x436 Thesayboat

The boat is 1-1/2 floors, with the bottom one housing the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and closet while the upper part contains the enclosed bedroom. There is a deck right off the bedroom with a jacuzzi.

thesayboat 10 660x436 Thesayboat  thesayboat 09 660x995 Thesayboat thesayboat 07 660x436 Thesayboat thesayboat 05 660x436 Thesayboat thesayboat 17 660x995 Thesayboat thesayboat 15 660x436 Thesayboat thesayboat 02 660x436 Thesayboat thesayboat 16 660x995 Thesayboat thesayboat 14 660x436 Thesayboat thesayboat 13 660x436 Thesayboat thesayboat 06 660x436 Thesayboat

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