Modern Rustic Barn

What makes people so attracted to barns? To be honest I am not sure if everyone feels this way but every time I see a restored barn transformed into a beautiful home I really feel inspired by the natural beauty and architecture.

It’s no different with this outstanding space. New York-based architect Russell Groves did a tremendous job preserving the existing structure and bringing modernity to it as well. He knew how to use the height of the barn to create even more interest with dramatic Capiz-shell globe chandeliers and with gorgeous furniture, many from his own collection. The result is a rustic, yet glamorous and comfortable, setting for the whole family to enjoy.

Ready to get inspired?

Natural Beauty

This entryway feels warm yet it’s very minimal.


Gorgeous architecture and interiors.

Warm Feeling

This place has a mixture of very clean lines and soft furniture. I really like how well it works together.


Very interesting choice of furnishings but what really gets my attention is the rope around this wood beam.


I’ve mentioned before that every house should have a quiet spot. This is a perfect spot to have “me” time. :-)


I love the simplicity of this kitchen and I think it’s perfect for a space like this. The countertops along the walls are zinc, while the island is topped with Caesarstone.


This table blends perfectly with these gorgeous floors.


I like that the furniture is simple because what really matters here are those beautiful beams.

Rustic Spa

This is a gorgeous bathroom and I love all the natural elements found here, including the slate flooring.

Guest House

This beautiful and elegant guest house echoes the main elements of the main house.

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